Floor-duct convection heaters for free and dynamic convection

Free or dynamic

The free convection enables powerful heat-output ratings and great comfort, but with low space needs and low noise emission. The Types SKL2/4 and SKH2/4 are particularly effective for sealing off cold-air flow at glazed surfaces and walls. Owing to their powerful heat-output ratings, Types SKL6 and SKH6 can also be used as a full, stand-alone heating system (for enhanced temperature-control behavior).


Floor-duct convection heaters for free convection

Floor-duct convection heaters for dynamic convection, with cross-flow fans

Units with dynamic convection provide good barriers to seal off cold air coming from windows and walls. The combination with floor heating enables effective control behavior with fast heating-up operations. Upon request, we provide special solutions to effectively match individual projects.

With both series, it is possible to combine the two basic convection types: free convection and dynamic convection. Here it is necessary to regard the widths and the heights of the floor troughs are equal.