Floor Convectors

More comfort

The SiCo floor convectors SBQ and SBI offer energy-efficient and comfortable heating of offices, museums, public buildings, and salesrooms. The units are installed in raised floors, and are particularly effective for facilities with large-area glass façades.

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Temperature-controlled air is emitted upward from the floor convector, at an oblique angle in the direction of the windows. The warm or cold air therefore rises along the window front, in accordance with the Coanda effect. This phenomenon prevents descent of cold air in the winter, as well as heat accumulation on the inside of the façade during the summer. The air rising along the window is deflected inward at the ceiling, and flows throughout the room in the form of a recirculation zone.The effect: room air is uniformly temperature-controlled, and the low air velocity prevents draughts throughout areas occupied by persons.

The principle of dry cooling (the feed temperature of the cold water is approx. 16 °C) eliminates the need for condensation pans and pumps, and prevents any collection of moisture.