FläktGroup MATRIX® for Decentral Systems in Individual-room Applications

Perfectly matched to each application

If you are looking for a simple, stand-alone solution, or a leading-edge networked system solution, you will always find what you need with MATRIX®. Various expansion stages of the system enable systematic matching to the individual requirements and to the functions of the main controlled systems.

Individual-room applications

The entire bandwidth of the FläktGroup portfolio is available to you: starting with 3-speed fan control with 2-step valves and presetting for temperature and fan speed, for standard applications – and extending to the 5-speed convenience model with continuous-action control and menu-assisted operator control.

For climate control of relatively large rooms, up to 16 units can be networked to one operator control unit in one temperature zone.

All options are open for coupling the controlled units to other systems, e.g., a central timer switch or a building management system. These options include an operational and malfunction-reporting contact, an input for economy mode (temperature reduction), and integration via open networks such as LON. For the information of the user onsite, status reports as well as any occurring malfunctions are signalled via the operator control unit, as LED report or plain text, via the malfunction-report output and the network.


MATRIX® selection is integrated in the following model catalogues („Data & Facts“):

Fan coil units:

Flex-Geko Basic Edition
Flex-Geko Comfort Edition

Under-floor convectors:

SiCo Floor Convectors SBI – SBQ