FläktGroup MATRIX® for Decentral Systems in Factory Halls Applications

Intelligent climate control in factory halls – more than just a warm hall

MATRIX® provides the required control functionality, as required by the customer: beginning with “simple” hall heating by fan control, and extending to comprehensive hall climate control with fresh-air supply in heating or cooling mode.

Factory-hall applications

Intelligent management of extracted air assures the required air-exchange rate with optimization of energy consumption and harmonious pressure balance at the same time – for uses in mixed-air units in combination with roof air-extract fans. The control of the heat recovery systems, implemented as liquid-coupled heat exchanger system, achieves up to 70 % energy savings. As a result, the system already conforms with the planned limit values in accordance with EnEV 2009.

The demand-driven control of shutoff valves, control valves in one line or per controlled unit, or also the control of secondary-air shutters (to effectively prevent temperature stratification in factory halls): all this and more is what we mean by intelligent factory-hall climate control. It is also possible to equip several halls, or parts of halls, with this technology. Up to 16 units can be networked in one temperature zone (group) for this purpose. Up to 16 of these groups can furthermore be interlinked to form a network, via the standard-version integrated bus system, which is then centrally operated and supervised. It is also possible to implement an overall system with several stand-alone networks.


FläktGroup MATRIX® selection is integrated in the following model catalogues („Data & Facts“):

Unit heaters:

Multi Flair – air treatment units
MultiMAXX® HN-HS-HX-HD air-heating units
– MAXX Ergo

Air-extraction fans:

RoofJETT – roof air-extract fans