MATRIX® for Central Units

Integrated or external

Either as compact switch cabinet, or integrated ready for connection into the unit: both are available, according to unit type and the customer’s wishes.

Central systems

More than 450 standard variants of the FläktGroup MATRIX® 4700 compact control system enable perfect adaptation of the control system to the technology of the controlled unit. After electrical connection of the controlled unit, initial startup takes place with only a few settings, since the ATRIX® has been virtually completely pre-parameterized. If user-relevant adaption of the parameterization is necessary, this is possible with aid of the operator control unit, or by the optional service software MATRIX.PC. This software also serves for direct control of the actuators during initial startup, and for long-term recording of temperature curves.

Whether stepped or continuously variable motor control; control of pressure, air volume flow, or temperature; or central operator control with additional external room operator control unit: MATRIX® 4700 always provides a perfectly matched solution at a cost-benefit ratio in its class that you can hardly beat.


MATRIX® selection is integrated in the following product brochures:

Compact central systems:

– COM4plus
– Campos


– MATRIX® 4700