FläktGroup MATRIX® Control System

Controlling efficiently and saving resources

With its MATRIX® control system, Air Treatment offers its own closed-loop control system: one that is efficiently applied throughout its product portfolio. This system enables numerous benefits for installation companies, investors, planners, and user.

FläktGroup MATRIX®, a complete control package, makes the choice of matching closed-loop-control components simple and effective. And the unified concept enables intuitive initial startup. Operator control units automatically adapt to the respective main system, which makes them universally applicable.

But it’s not only faster and easier installation that relieves your budget: thanks to function-oriented selection of options, you pay only for those control functions that are actually required. In addition, the possibility of combinations provides great flexibility and ensures that your choice is actually effective.

MATRIX® features only 5 different groups of components:
Operator control units allow the entry of setpoints, and inform the user of important system status conditions. Controllers compare setpoint and actual values, provide closed-loop control and monitor the systems, and react to external events. System power sections convert control signals from this electronic control system into switching commands. Global modules are available to expand functionality. These modules receive control signals, control actuators from the pump to the chiller, and implement the interface to external systems (e.g., a building management system). And finally, convenient PC software guarantees smooth initial startup, parameterization, and system analysis.