Designed for applications in computer centres and server rooms

The DENCO T-Range is ideal for application in server and computer rooms, telecommunications facilities, control and switching centres, laboratories, printing and graphics areas, sales zones, chip production, and high-tech offices.


Models in the DENCO T-Range are available in 5 versions, for cooling capacities between 5 and 136 kW. They are also provided with the environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant.

Five variants:

– Version A: Direct-evaporation system in the internal unit, with external condenser
– Version X: Direct evaporator in the internal unit, with external condensing unit
– Version W: Direct-evaporation system in the internal unit, with internal water-cooled condenser
– Version F: Energy-efficient direct-evaporation unit in the internal unit, with internal water-cooled condenser and additional free-cooling bank for great energy-savings potential
– Version C: Cold-water bank in the internal unit for connection to a cold-water network

Features of the DENCO T-Range.

The direct-expansion systems from the DENCO T-Range are compact and are available with various return-cooling systems: air cooled, water cooled, and split versions. Fully hermetic scroll compressors (tandem compressor technology) operate inside the units; they are also optionally available in tandem version for energy-efficient VRF application. The air routing of the units can be either up-flow or down-flow. The models can be outfitted with various supply-air and extracted-air configurations. The units are controlled by intelligent microprocessor-controlled software that assures maintenance of ultra-close tolerances for temperature and relative humidity. The software also allows energy-saving operations. With support from the closed-loop control system, it is possible to network the equipment for master-slave operations, to operate them as stand-alone units, or to switch them on as standby systems in automatic change-over mode. Data entry takes place via a matching soft-touch keypad, which is either mounted with the display on the climate-control unit, or is used as a remote-control system. The heat exchangers are designed for maximum heat-exchange area, minimum pressure drop, and quiet operation.

In addition, the Combicool function is available to the entire range. Combicool contains an additional, redundant cold-water circulation system. This circulation system serves to assure enhanced flexibility in cooling, greater security against failure, and coverage of peak loads. A great selection of accessories and options rounds off the entire portfolio with the following: installation frames, shutter flaps, a selection of sensors, fresh-air connections, and many functions.

The DENCO TW-Range: units in weatherproof versions

The weatherproof models of the DENCO T-Range are installed in water and dust-proof enclosures with high-quality synthetic coating on metal surfaces. This solutions means that they effectively resist the worst of storm and rain and can be easily installed on outdoor walls. The climate-control units of the DENCO TW-Range have cooling capacity of 3 to 42 kW. The units are splashproof in accordance with IP54.


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