Condensing Units

Less is sometimes more!

The characteristics of air-cooled chillers provide the basis of FläktGroup compressor and condenser units with axial fans. Here as well, high-quality key components round off the system to assure an overall, cost-effective concept: for example, fully hermetic scroll compressors and finned tube heat exchangers as condensers.

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GL Series
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G Series

At the same time, the compressor-condenser unit of the evaporator is served by the connected ventilation unit, which means that additional buffer storage, water piping, and pumps are not necessary.

The units in the GCA series additionally offer inverter-controlled compressors, which assure optimal matching to the capacity profile of the ventilation unit of the evaporator. The compressor-condenser units can be optimally combined with FläktGroup central air handling units: for example, the Com4plus.