Chillers and Heat Pumps

Energy-efficient, compact, highly diversified

The extensive product portfolio of FläktGroup chillers offers just the right model for virtually any requirement.

Whatever you require – indoor or outdoor installation, air- or water-cooling, and wherever in the performance range of 4.9-2,749 kW rated cooling capacity – Air Treatment offers you a wide range of models with and without heat pumps, and with an expensive spectrum of accessories.

FläktGroup chillers are not least distinguished by their efficiency and their great potential of energy savings. The extent of these benefits will depend on the model chosen – but are even more enhanced by the use of high-quality components and of the environmentally friendly refrigerants R410A and R134a as used in most FläktGroup chillers.

Air-cooled models are available to you for both outdoor installation – with and without freecooling functions – as well as for indoor installation with duct connections. Water-cooled systems are designed only for indoor operation.

With FläktGroup chillers and heat pumps with reversible cycles, you can provide energy not only for cooling, but also for heating. And when you need a compressor or condenser unit, or require a system with an external condenser, we have just the right system for you in our portfolio. The choice is yours.